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Risk is a problem of knowledge. The one in our possession is never complete. We don’t know what will happen in the next moment – with us, with our business, with anything. Risk is always present, as knowledge of ‘what is next’ is always absent or, for sure, incomplete. We don’t even know if we get to our work on time as there are multiple possibilities that can hinder our progress through traffic. Little is known. Everything is probable. That is why we customarily say, we ‘manage’ risk, – as we try to acquire more knowledge to be able to adjust dials to any desired mix of revenue, losses and cost positions.

At Amalgam, we help you form a risk management system

  • as an organization centered around the task of ‘knowing’
  • as an architecture of multiple check points across entire life cycle of an account and a transaction
  • as a stack of modern technologies detecting and preventing losses
  • as a constant flow of information uncovering patterns or absence of these
  • as an operational excellence (with due level of automation, cost effectiveness and comprehensiveness)
  • as a business enabler
  • as a guardian of compliance

Our Risk Management Services Include

  • Identity and management of key business risks
  • Guidance and development of E2E Risk Management Strategy in support of Business Growth
  • Design and build Instant and Paperless Underwriting systems and processes
  • Design and build Within Transaction and Post Transaction Risk Management systems / processes
  • Audit of existing Risk Management processes
  • Design a cost effective and comprehansive risk framework that meets standards and best practices.
  • Guidance to compliance with AML, KYC and CTF regulatioins
  • Architecture of ‘loss protection’ policies
  • Analyzes and Forecasting of business risk exposure
  • Guidance for developing cost effective Operational Risk Management department and policies
  • Introduction to Local and Global risk data sources and recent Risk Management technologies
  • Risk Scorecards Modeling

Whatever balance you try to strike between Business Growth, Level of Losses and Cost of Risk Management operations, – this balance is a reflection of your current business strategy. We will help you create and maintain an optimal level of Risk Management flexibility to adapt to ever-changing conditions of your unique business environment.