Credit cards on white keyboard

Payment experience, at its best should be rightly amalgamated into the fabric of exchange. Payment is not a stand-alone phenomenon. Whatever the exchange can be – buying goods over the Internet, provisioning finance against a PO, thanking a customer, … – a payment – simple, secure and delightful – should be embedded into a precious event of human interaction.

At Amalgam, we devise and help you build a Payment product or platform that serves and enriches all other adjacent processes. We believe in simplicity as an outcome of that very complex process. Buyers and Sellers should feel secure and delighted passing through every facet of your payment experience.

We help build payments E2E

  • For all uses: P2P, B2C or B2B
  • For all channels: Face to Face /POS, mPOS/ or Remote /eComm, mComm,…/; Accrued or Deferred.
  • For all payment types: Cash, Bank Transfers, Cards, eWallets, Alternatives…
  • In any direction: Funds In /Acquiring/, Funds Out /Payouts, Payroll, …/
  • For any purpose: Remittance, Payroll, Payment, …

We help whether you are

  • an Acquirer
  • a Processor
  • a PSP
  • an ISO
  • a Gateway
  • a Merchant or a Marketplace
  • or any payments technology provider

We devise, architect and optimize

  • Authorizations, Settlements and Funding mechanisms
  • Reconciliation systems
  • Back Office systems like Charge-back, Collections, Merchant Accounting, Customer Care
  • Risk Management Systems for Account Creation, In Transaction and Post Transaction Monitoring, Other technologies
  • Compliance
  • Other integrations and systems: Bureaus, Internal data, various Front Ends

We assist with

  • Payment Strategy
  • Vendor / Partner selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Cost Optimization: Interchange Cost optimization, Payment Routing, Process efficientcies, …
  • Re-working legacy systems

We help operate

  • in your Local market
  • or Globally