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Most of trade credit is not intermediated and remains on corporate balance sheet in the form of trade receivables. Amalgam advises on the new ways of direct intermediation.

  • Reverse Factoring
  • P-Cards
  • Factoring
  • Dynamic Discounting

We introduce the latest FI technologies into your existing processes, help you decide how to integrate these and how to optimally benefit from their use.

We help you devise and build innovative banking solutions for Unbanked or Underbanked strata of customers. Provide simple, light-weighted and cost effective offering for those that still do not benefit from centuries old practices.

We offer consulting services in the areas of:

  • SME Lending Programs: Factoring /all types/, Working Capital financing, Dynamic Discounting etc.
  • eDocuments /eInvoice, ePO, eBL, …/ Interchange for Enterprise and SME depositors
  • Internet Banking and BillPay for Consumers and SMEs
  • Card Issuing Processing and Management
  • eWallet and store value solutions for any network of customers
  • Risk Management
  • Instant Underwriting and KYC
  • Back Office process optimization
  • Cross Sell auto-decisioning function
  • Pricing decisioning for bundled services and-or Risk Based

Amalgam offers Payments education program. It is designed to help financial services professionals to gain a thorough understanding of:

  • Money and Banking
    • Historical development from barter to commodity money to fiat money to …
    • Fractional Reserve practice and Money creation
    • Monetary Policy and its consequences.
  • Payments
    • Clearing and Settlement systems
    • Authorization systems
    • Add Value services
    • Liability question
    • Diverse world of Payment
    • Economics of payment processing
    • Technology (inside and out)
    • Parties
  • Selected topics in Financial Services
    • B2B Payments
    • Banking for banked and underbanked
    • Assets creation. Assets trading