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Trade Finance        e-Invoicing        e-Commerce        Payment Education
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Fraud Management         Credit Risk Management        AML Compliance

Amalgam Payments is a hands on advisory firm for your Financial Services business

Our full scope consulting services cover:

  • Acquiring
  • Issuing (incl Store Value accounts)
  • Global Funds-In / Funds-Out Infrastructure
  • AML/KYC/CTF Compliance
  • Trade Finance Intermediation (SCF)
  • eCommerce
  • eInvoicing
  • Payments Education
  • Risk Management
Research Reporting
Risk Management Consulting
Go To Market Services
Strategy Consulting
Vendor Consulting
AML Compliance Consulting
Platform & Product Architecture

from Business Requirements to IT design


Our successful track record spans across many dimensions

  • Developed Card Acquiring, ACH, Bill Pay and eWallet platforms
  • Supported all payment channels – face to face /POS, mPOS/ and remote /e-Comm, VT, Others, ../
  • Devised new Authorization and Settlement systems
  • Built out Risk Architecture across the entire life cycle of an account and a transaction
  • Managed Risk and Analytics functions for both Acquiring and Issuing businesses
  • Oversaw Compliance
  • Implemented Global Funds In – Funds Out infrastructure
  • Devised complex Reconciliation systems
  • Worked on payments solutions for Enterprises, SMEs, Micro Merchants and Consumers
  • Developed Store Value and PrePaid Program Management services

Beyond payments we help clients with:

  • Developing Financial Services for unbanked and underbanked customers
  • SME financing programs via Invoice Marketplace, Factoring & Discounting and other AP-AR lending operations
  • Risk Management across Compliance, Fraud and Credit dimensions
  • B2B networks – commerce, EDI, payments
  • Payroll processing